• Strategies for Overcoming Overthinking

    Strategies for Overcoming Overthinking

    It can be difficult to break the cycle of overthinking and worrying, but there are some strategies you can use to help get started. Here’s a Twitter thread I wrote breaking down a few strategies: Read more

  • How I Use Notion In Medical School

    How I Use Notion In Medical School

    I started using Notion this past year of medical school and to say that it changed my life would be an understatement. Finding notes is infinitely faster, everything is more organised, I am able to link concepts and pages to one another seamlessly and finally have everything in one place. Since I found it so… Read more

  • How I tackle BIG projects

    How I tackle BIG projects

    If you follow me on my Instagram, you might know that my life at the moment is: sleep, eat, go to the gym, go to lectures, spend time with friends, repeat. Thankfully, studying is not part of my everyday routine at the moment!However, we’ve just been set our first big assignment of this year. As… Read more

  • Why I Write Everyday and Why You Should Too

    Why I Write Everyday and Why You Should Too

    For the last 3+ years, I’ve written something every day and it’s changed my life. I’ve used writing as a way to express my opinions, document my memories from university, reflect on experiences I’ve had and clarify my thinking on a specific topic. Each evening, I sit down and write down a brief summary of… Read more

  • 5 Apps That Changed My Life

    5 Apps That Changed My Life

    Today I thought I’d share some of my all time favourite laptop apps, which have only become more important recently now that we have all been spending more time online. These apps all function to streamline my workflow and make me more time-effective. Notion (FREE) – Notion is an incredible organisational tool and ever since discovering… Read more

  • How I’m Productive With No Motivation

    How I’m Productive With No Motivation

    I recently come to the realisation that motivation is not real. At least, not in the long term. Personally, if I relied on motivation to get through my daily tasks, I would probably not get anything done becuase I am rarely motivated. The thing that gets me working is discipline.The two words seem to be used interchangeably, especially… Read more