You Can’t Outwork Someone Who Is Enjoying Themselves

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I’ve recently started my dedicated studying for my upcoming exams.

However, this is after weeks of procrastination and putting off starting.

I was dreading the hours of learning my countless lecture slides and reviewing my flashcards every single day.

I felt that I was so far behind all of my peers that I felt I would never be able to catch up.

But then I realised something. I realised that you can’t outwork someone who is enjoying themselves. While my peers might have started studying earlier, without enjoying what they were doing, they would burn out. If I found a way to enjoy what I was doing, I wouldn’t.

In the long run, going slow and steady will win the race.

But, enjoy studying? Is that even possible? Well, yes! I’m a prime example of that, although it’s definitely not always been the case.

Over the years, I’ve developed strategies and techniques to make sure that I enjoy studying and doing work whenever possible.

With all the various hacks, tricks, formulas and clever solutions people come up with to make us more productive, this is the secret we’ve been missing.

Start by finding your motivation

Identify your reasons for studying and what you hope to achieve. This can help you stay focused and motivated during your studies.

Schedule in breaks

Create a study schedule that includes breaks and rewards for reaching certain milestones. This can help you stay on track and make studying feel more manageable.

Work with other people

Connect with others who are studying the same material as you. Collaborating and discussing ideas can make studying more enjoyable and can lead to better retention of information.

Switch up you study techniques

Incorporate a variety of study techniques such as reading, writing, visual aids, and audio recordings. This can help keep studying interesting and engaging.

Connect your studies to your interests

If you don’t already enjoy your subject (like most people), dind ways to connect your studies to your personal interests and passions. This can make studying feel more relevant and enjoyable.

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