How to Take Advantage of the AI revolution: the 50 best AI tools to use in 2023

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In a previous issue, I wrote about the incredible uses of ChatGPT, an incredible tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate meaningful conversations and content, for students. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only ChatGPT. There are hundreds of other AI tools that you should be using in 2023.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the top AI tools to enhance your productivity and transform your time this year.

Let’s dive right in.

Notetaking AI tools

  1. Notion AI – Use AI to brainstorm, condense and write notes.
  2. – Automatically record and transcribe meetings
  3. – Use AI for note-taking and live voice-to-text transcription application
  4. – Detect meeting insights and risk items using AI
  5. Avoma – meeting assistant that automatically transcribes, summarises and analyzes every meeting

Research AI tools

  1. ChatGPT – chatbox that generates meaningful conversations and content 
  2. Ivy Chatbot – chatbot developed with higher education in mind
  3. Bit AI – helps you to identify and save relevant research, as well as collaborate on documents
  4. Scholarcy – reads articles, reports and book chapters to produce a summary including important findings, limitations and comparisons
  5. Super AI – breaks down complex documents into smaller components
  6. Iris AI – allows you to make sense of the scientific knowledge on a specific topic
  7. Scite – tells you how many times an article has been cited and reveals related research
  8. Trinka – helps to identify errors in technical and scientific writing
  9. Botsify – allows you to train it to answer frequently asked questions

Writing AI tools

  1. – speech-to-text AI voice generation platform
  2. Jasper – provides various options to create long-form written pieces
  3. Sudowrite – allows you to write, rewrite, elaborate and brainstorm
  4. Chibi AI – designed for overcoming writer’s block, particularly for creative writing 
  5. Paragraph AI – works predominantly as an app for your phone to help with your writing on the go
  6. QuillBot – AI paraphrasing tool that helps with proof-reading, rewriting, plagiarism checking and generating citations
  7. Hyperwrite AI – provides automatic suggestions on what to type
  8. Grammarly – improves your writing by checking your grammar, tone, style, punctuation and spelling

Education AI tools

  1. ANKI – flashcard tool that uses AI and spaced repetition to help students retain new information more efficiently
  2. Brainly – helps students ask and answer questions, share knowledge and solve problems together
  3. StepWise Math – explains mathematics problems with instructions and feedback to help students learn at their own pace
  4. Gradescope – allows students to share comments and grades 
  5. Speechify – helps anyone who has difficulty reading or prefers to listen to text
  6. Knowji – audio-visual vocabulary tool designed for language learners
  7. Knewton – helps to identify gaps in a student’s knowledge
  8. Carnegie Learning – helps students develop a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics and languages

Audio and Video AI tools

  1. VoicePen AI – converts audio content into blog posts.
  2. Krisp – AI tool for noise-cancelling i.e. removing background voices, noises, and echo from calls.
  3. Cleanvoice – AI tool for automatically editing podcast episodes.
  4. – automatically converts one transcription into multiple languages
  5. Nova AI – understands and categorises even the smallest details within your content
  6. Beatoven AI – AI tool that generates custom royalty-free music
  7. Synthesia – AI tool to create instructional videos in minutes
  8. Vidyo – tool for making short-form videos from long-form videos

Design AI tools

  1. Illustroke – creates stunning vector images from text prompts
  2. Cleanup – removes objects, defects, people or text from photos
  3. Stockimg – finds or generates the perfect stock photo for every prompt
  4. Looka – generates beautiful logos and branding for you
  5. Flair – designs branded content from your product photos
  6. – creates a marketing portfolio for you
  7. Fronty – creates source codes based on images you upload
  8. Khroma – AI-based colour combination generator that creates limitless colour palettes

Miscellaneous AI tools

  1. Ocoya – AI tool for creating and scheduling social media content
  2. STORYD – creates data presentations in seconds
  3. Ajelix AI – use to create formulas from your text and create templates in Excel and Google Sheets
  4. Timely – automatically tracks your time

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