How To Structure Your Daily To Do List

Whenever I make my to do lists, I try to structure them in a way that makes me feel on top of my work, but still motivated to get stuff done. I’ve tried many methods of organising my tasks and finally seated on what I call the 1-3-5 method! When I started writing my tasks out in this way, I found that I was instantly more productive and always got my most important tasks done! Swipe to see how this method works! 

Although this method works amazingly on paper, I like to use a to do list app. Personally, I use @ticktickapp and assign different priorities to my daily tasks. My 1 ‘must-do’ task is given a high priority (red), my 3 ‘can-do’ tasks are given a medium priority (yellow) and my 5 ‘could-do’ tasks are given a low priority (blue). If I have any other tasks for the day that are small/unimportant, but I don’t want to forget, I add them to the list without a priority rating.

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