I Sat My Medical School Exams Online…

Tea steaming beside me, wrapped up in my dressing gown, I sat down at my desk ready to sit my medical school exams. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of my exams for second year changed from classic pen-and-paper exams to online equivalents. Aside from the classic setting of an exam hall, the format was exactly the same as usual. The length of the exam was the same as always. So was the style and difficulty of the questions. In fact, the exam was the exact same paper that we were going to have before these changes were put in place.

Naively, I thought that this meant the exams would be incredibly easy. We could have all our notes there at arms reach. The internet was available for us to search through during the exam. We could put post it notes all around us with those vital pieces of information that often escaped us in the stress of an exam. However, this made very little difference to me during the exam.

Given that the exam was the same length as it would have been on paper, looking up each question took up valuable time! I had planned to go through the paper without looking up and then go back to the questions I found more difficult, but this didn’t end up happening. There were many questions that I was almost sure of the answer, but then ended up looking it up just to be sure!

Of course, I won’t know how I did in any of the exams until the results come out (in over a month), but for now it’s nice to be able to put all of my exams behind me and focus on the things I enjoy doing.

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