Links I’m Loving | Vol. 1

This past week, I’ve come across some amazing articles that I’d love to share the links to. Despite the craziness that is university life and being a medical student, I managed to stumble across some very inspiring reads:

  1. My black book by @medimism (IG and blog). This post details the many uses of a simple black notebook, including creating summaries, writing journal entries and planning out a week or day using timelines. Recently, I’ve been neglecting my bullet journal / planner and this post is exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of using it again.
  2. @chelocity on Instagram. Since following this account, every time I see a new post of theirs on my feed, I instantly feel a wave of relaxation. The whole aesthetic screams calm (oxymoronic right?) and minimalism.
  3. 10 Ways to Bounce Back From Burnout. We all experience burnout from time to time, but it’s not a topic that is readily discussed. I often find it very difficult to bounce back from burnout, especially after a stressful exam period, and I found this post very useful!
  4. The Type of Burnout We Rarely Talk About. Following on with the topic of burnout (are we sensing a theme?), it was really interesting to read about this new idea of ‘Passion Burnout’. I’ve definitely experienced it and I can only assume that many other people have too.




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