My Summer Plans

1. Travel.  I’ve always loved travelling and have been fortunate enough to visit many countries.

2. Get back into a good exercise routine. Throughout my first year at university, my exercise routine definitely disappeared and I felt the consequences a lot. It was much harder to manage stress, stick to healthy foods and think clearly.

3. Read a lot of books. To see which books I’ve been reading, be sure to add me on Goodreads. I also have a few blog posts dedicated to which books I recommend, which you can find here.

4. Prepare for second year. Like at most other medical schools, at my university second year is known the be the most difficult of all six year with regards to volume of content. Although I do not intend to memorise the entirety of the content, it is always useful to familiarise oneself with the topics and look up any new words.

5. Meet up with my friends from school. As someone who went to an international school, it is very difficult to meet up with friends who went to university in various different countries, so summer is the perfect time to make an effort to visit them!

6. Learn how to code more. Although I know the basics of Python, I’d love to learn and practice more so that I can finally code something useful!

7. Draw and paint more. As some of you may know from my Instagram account (or from my dedicated art instagram account), drawing and painting are a huge part of my life. There is nothing better than spending a day painting or drawing with a great playlist on in the background!

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