33 Lists To Make For Self Discovery | Journalling Prompts

Sometimes when life gets a little overwhelming it can be easy to forget your goals and get off track. I’ve found that making lists that help me to understand myself, even if they are unrelated to my current goals/projects, can help me to feel motivated and regain focus. Hopefully you’ll find some of these useful too:

1. Books you want to read

2. Songs you could listen to forever

3. Quotes that inspire you

4. Places you want to visit

5. Things you loved to do as a child

6. Best childhood memories

7. Your favourite movies

8. Movies you want to watch

9.  Things I am most proud of

10. Small things that make you happy

11. Compliments you’ve recieved

12. Your favourite 5 minute activities

13. Recipes you want to try

14. Ways that you relax

15. Things you know how to do well

16. Skills you’d like to learn

17. Top 5 people who have positively inspired you recently

18. Mistakes that have shaped you

19. Where I see myself in 12 months

20. The best dreams you’ve ever had

21. Things you like about yourself

22. Your strengths

23. Your weaknesses

24. Ways you can step out of your comfort zone

25. Things you are grateful for

26. Best books you’ve read this year/ever

27. The most important life lessons you’ve learned

28. Your priorities in life

29. Things that scare you

30. Gifts you would like to receive

31. Gifts you would like to give others

32. Things you have already achieved

33. Why you are feeling overwhelmed

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